10 Reasons Why Thailand Is ‘The’ Destination For 2019

10 Reasons Why Thailand Is ‘The’ Destination For 2019

by travellingsands

Why Thailand Is The’ Destination of 2019

If you ask me to suggest the best overseas tourist experiences for a typical middle class family, Thailand would definitely find itself in the top few entries as far as value for money is concerned. Its proximity to Indian shores is one of the main reasons why it is more affordable than her neibhours on the East. Moreover, the country is well geared up for the tourism industry. Bangkok is the most visited city in the world for a number of reasons. So, go ahead and see the top 10 reasons why I rate Thailand as cheap and best amongst the Top Tourism destinations in South East Asia in 2019.

1. All in One Package


Beach Paradise

Architecture in Old Capital




Thailand offers something for every kind of traveller. Be it Beaches, National parks, Island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving, adventure sports, nightlife, shopping, Heritage, Hills, Theme Parks or Zoos, Thailand has it all. So, your family members are sure to find lots of things to do, as per their choice. Hence, your Thailand Vacation is something which visitors of every age group and taste will enjoy.

2. Cheaper Currency

Bangkok Shopping

Bangkok Shopping

One Thai baht equals to approximately two+ Indian Rupees. Probably, this is one of the best conversion rates in the travel point of view given the value for your money. Just to compare US dollar is about Rs 75. Hence you can have a foreign holiday in a fraction of the US/UK costs.

3. Affordable Accommodation


AirBnB Condominium

Accommodation is very cheap in Thailand. For family stay, if you use AirBnB like services you can hire a fully furnished condominium/ flat cheaper than hotel. For instance, for a family of 4, I got a condo for about INR 1800 which is even lower than Indian hotels.

# Quick Tip – Register with AirBnB with this link and get Rs 2200 discount on your first stay.

4. Cheap Street Food

China Town, Bangkok

Bangkok Street Food

Bangkok is regarded as the Street Food capital of the world. A reasonable meal can be had upwards of INR 100 (THB 50). Now, that is a huge money saver.

5. Cheap Flights

Flight tickets from India to Thailand are one of the cheapest. A number of Indian low cost carriers are operating flights from all major airports in India. So, you can fly to Bangkok at the cost of flying a full service airline from Delhi to Chennai on a typical season. Even the local flights connecting Bangkok to Phuket, Krabi, Chaing Mai etc are dirt cheap. Check the cost of local flights here

6. Visa On Arrival (VOA)

Visa on arrival is available for Indian tourists at a reasonable cost. For travel till 31 October 2019, the VOA fees has been waived to promote tourism. Otherwise it costs around Rs 4400 (THB 2000). Read this post to know more about Thailand Visa On Arrival.

7. Superb Transportation



Bangkok has a very good transportation network. Underground Metro, Sky Train, River and Canal boats, buses, Taxis, TukTuks( Auto Rickshaw), Songteaw (Shared Mini Bus) and Motor Cycle Taxis are all available to make your movement smooth. You can book Train, Bus, Van and Ferry tickets all in one app

8. Shopping Paradise

Chatu Chak Weekend Market

Chatu Chak Weekend Market

A large number of Malls, Weekend markets, Night markets and China Town dot Bangkok. Asia’s largest Chatu Chak Weekend Market is also in Bangkok. Handicrafts, Clothing, Cheap Electronics, Designer Tea etc are the most common items you can shop for.

9. Friendly People and Colourful Culture

Dancer in Elephant Village, Pattaya

Thai Dancer

Thailand is called ‘The Land of Smiles’. Thais are always smiling and welcome guests with a lot of warmth and friendliness. The Buddhist- Hindu culture and references to ancient Indian epics like Ramayana are quite interesting.

10. Well Developed Tourism Industry

Speed Boat in Koh Lanta

Island Hopping by Speed Boat

Above all, Thailand is a country which is very well organized for tourism. I can assure you that you will get full value for the money paid for any service. Tip: You can opt for free pick up and drop service for local tours which will save time and is hassle free.

So, follow my subsequent articles to plan a cheap and awesome family trip to Thailand and save your hard earned money too

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Ravi Ghodake 20/12/2018 - 12:32 am

Very practical analysis..

travellingsands 20/12/2018 - 10:06 am

Thanks. Are you planning to visit Thailand/Singapore/Malaysia? As an appreciation of your supporting my effort, I will make a plan for you and assist in booking local trips too..

Kiruthi Murugan 26/12/2018 - 9:58 am

Great analysis. Changes your view on Thailand. But you should have also included how good are the interiors of the country and about their culture. However, a great introduction for one, though.

travellingsands 26/12/2018 - 10:05 am

Hi Kiruthi, Thanks for your comments. This is actually an ongoing series of posts that will cover the destinations within Thailand soon. I have a few more posts regarding planning and conduct of the trip coming up. Then it is all about nice places to visit in Thailand. Stay connected and share my posts with your friends too. Regards.


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