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Holiday In Thailand – Plan Yourself & Save Money

by travellingsands

Quickly Plan a Holiday In Thailand

Are you either a first time overseas traveler or one who would like some help to make planning a more enjoyable experience? A holiday in Thailand could be a long cherished dream. Here I am, to make planning for your next trip a breeze.

I have made the chart below with Thailand travel in particular. However, this can be used as a ready reckoner to plan for any holiday. Mind you, Visa on arrival is SUSPENDED for travel till 30 SEPTEMBER 2020 due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. If you need to travel to Thailand, you have to apply for a regular Visa..


thailand holiday planning

Quick Links to Plan your holiday in Thailand with ease

Flight, Train, Ferry, Bus, Van Bookings 12GoAsia ( Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines)  

Accommodation –   AirBnB

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satyanarayana swamy gurram 26/12/2018 - 1:47 pm

Self explanatory and very helpful information

travellingsands 26/12/2018 - 4:02 pm

Dear Satya, Thanks for your comments. Please subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest insider tricks and valuable info. Regards.


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